Polynesian Thin Mint (ounce)




Polynesian Thin Mint

The Archive Seed Bank’s very own, “Polynesian Thin Mints” is an absolutely stunning hybrid variety that brings forth breathtakingly beautiful flowers with a perfectly balanced hybrid high that aids in the treatment of both mental and physical based conditions equally. This “Polynesian” Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG combo churns out medium sized plants that stretch a bit as the reach out in every which direction. Quickly filling in with average sized yields of tightly packed bud clusters that turn almost neon purple as they near towards their short 9-10 week indoor and mid-October outdoors finishing times. Her super thick, triangular-shaped buds have an array of cold coloured leaves that hide beneath a ridiculous amount of bright white trichomes that glisten in the light like a blanket of bright stars in the night sky. Once dried and cured to completion the, “Polynesian Thin Mints” exude a rather complex flavour and aroma that is dominated mostly by the bold, earthy, OG Kush-like tones while also having a mixture of sweet, fruity and spicy undertones that help her truly stand out from the rest of the Cookie-based strain out there now-a-days. Her perfectly balanced hybrid high can fit the needs of almost any kind of smoker out there as she can be smoked during the day without giving you too much couch-lock, yet also be used at night without keeping you up late pacing back and forth wanting to know why you can’t get any sleep. She helps with both mental and physical based conditions equally which allows her to help even a wider range of people who would rather smoke one thing all day instead of two different types at different times of the day.


Flavours: Sweet, Fruity, Spice

Medical Use: Depression, Stress, Pain


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