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  • AK-47

    AK-47 (ounce)


    Lineage: Thaix Mexican x Afghani x Colombian

    Flavours: Skunky, Sweet, WoodyTRIC

    Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy

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    Alien Grenade (ounce)

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    Grade – AAA

    Strain Type – Hybrid

    Lineage – Sour Diesel with Tahoe Alien

    Flavours: Pine, Earthy, Sweet, Woody

    Medical Use: Depression, Lack of Appetite, Headaches, Stress, Insomnia

  • Animal Mints (ounce)


    The Animal Mints strain is a perfect 50-50 indica-sativa hybrid known for its euphoric and relaxing buzz.As mysterious as its parentage may be, there’s no denying that Animal Mints is a fantastic strain that’s perfect for both novice and experienced smokers alike. Just be warned, its high THC content can easily overwhelm those new to smoking weed. So, ensure you’re getting the right phenotype before indulging.

  • Sale! CBD Harlequin

    CBD Harlequin (ounce)

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    CBD Harlequin Harlequin almost always develops a CBD:THC ratio of 5:2, making this strain one of the most effective out there for treatment of pain and anxiety, as CBD can counteract THC’s paranoia while amplifying its painkilling properties. Flavors can range from earthy musk to sweet mango, but without a doubt, what draws crowds to Harlequin is its ability to relax without sedation and to relieve without intoxication….

  • Sale! Critique

    Critique (ounce)

    Original price was: $200.99.Current price is: $160.99.

    Lineage: OG Kush

    Flavours: Citrus, Herbal, Lemon, Pine, Skunky

    Effects: Body High, Creative, Uplifting

  • Sale! Dirty Thirty

    Dirty Thirty (ounce)

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    Dirty Thirty has a THC level of 25% to 34%. This makes it a potent strain that is not recommended for novice smokers. The high from this weed hits you immediately after the first puff. You’ll feel a rush of energy that’ll leave you feeling uplifted and invigorated. The euphoric effects of this strain can last for several hours, making it perfect for social gatherings and parties. Hence, whether you’re celebrating your 30th birthday or just looking to have a good time, the Dirty Thirty strain is the way to go!

  • Dolato (ounce)


    Lineage: Gelato #41 x Do-Si-Dos

    Flavours: Citrus, Earthy, Pine

    Effects: Cerebral, Euphoric, Relaxing

  • Sale! Dolato #3

    Dolato #3 (ounce)

    Original price was: $200.99.Current price is: $160.99.

    Dolato #3 Dolato is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain produced by combining genetics from Gelato #41 and Do-Si-Dos. The result is a strain that’s been reputed by reviewers as good for calming a stressed mind and relaxing a tense body without worrying about heavy sedation. Some consumers warn that while Dolato will calm the mind,…

  • Sale! Electric Cool-Aid

    Electric Cool-Aid (ounce)

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    Electric Cool-Aid Electric Cool-Aid is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain, created through breeding Purple Diesel x Cherry Pie strains. With its sharp hashy berry pine flavour, and a potent THC level that hits about 19-20% on average, Electric Cool-Aid will definitely jolt your system in the right ways. The aromas are shockingly sweet with…

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    Fruity Pebbles OG (ounce)

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    Lineage: Green Ribbon

    Flavours: Sweet, Berry, Tropical

    Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Giggly

  • Sale! Gelato

    Gelato (ounce)

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    The Gelato weed is perfect for those who enjoy a good mental high with a touch of body relaxation. As we all know, some indica strains can make you feel more sleepy than relaxed. But not Gelato (unless you smoke too much, of course). So,go ahead and enjoy this delightful strain with friends or family – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

  • Sale! Godberry

    Godberry (ounce)

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    Godberry Strain Introduction Unlock the potential for unparalleled pain relief with Godberry, a masterfully crafted indica-dominant hybrid strain. This remarkable fusion, believed to be a cross between the legendary Godand the sweet Blueberry, delivers an extraordinary experience that is adored by both cannabis connoisseurs and cultivators alike. Potency and Pain Relief If you seek potent pain relief, Godberry…

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    Golden Pineapple (ounce)

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    Lineage: Golden Goatx Pineapple Kush

    Flavours: Citrus, Fruity, Pineapple, Spicy, Sweet, Tropical

    Effects: Cerebral, Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing

  • Sale! Grape Jelly

    Grape Jelly (ounce)

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    Grape Jelly Grape Jelly is a hybrid cross that grows colorful, multifaceted buds with exciting flavors. Created by Mary Jones and Uncle Spaceman, this strain is a cross of OG Glue and Sweet Purple D (Island Sweet Skunk x NYC Diesel x Purple Mist). It develops teardrop-shaped buds with green and purple foliage that is…

  • Sale! Harmony

    Harmony (ounce)

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    Harmony Harmony is a hybrid that synchronizes the very best of its three parent strains, Santa Marta Colombian Gold, Lemon OG Kush, and Lemon Thai. These tall plants produce flowery, lemon-smelling buds distinctly kush-like in structure. Its effects are invigorating and uplifting, but higher doses might push you into a more spacey experience. Indoor growers wait 8 to 9 weeks for Harmony to flower while outdoor cultivators…

  • Sale! Hawaiian

    Hawaiian (ounce)

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    Hawaiian Hawaiian is a mostly sativa hybrid that will give you a happy, vacation feeling. Creative but not so focused, this bud is great for a relaxing day. Hawaiian has large and dense buds with an abundance of orange hairs covering it. Under that layer of orange, the leaves are light green but don’t look…