Mont Blanc (Ounce)

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Mont Blanc is a feminized strain with high THC levels, making it a stoner’s favorite. In addition, this cannabis strain also has several health benefits that can work wonders for medicinal users.

This hybrid cannabis strain is also a hit among growers as it is easy to grow and has a quick flowering time.

Overall, Mont Blanc Strain is a great choice to smoke with friends on a lazy weekend, provided you have some weed-smoking experience, as it can hit first-timers quite hard.

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Mont Blanc Strain Introduction

Type: Sativa Dominant

Effects: Uplifting, Energizing, Euphoric

Mont Blanc Strain has 60:40 Sativa-Indica genetics and is the offspring of French Cookies, Birthday Cake, and Strawberry Banana. Named after the famous White Mountains in the Alps, Mont Blanc strain is instantly recognizable by its generous white crystals.

This hybrid cannabis strain is a product of TH Seeds and is known for its fantastic taste and aroma. Marijuana connoisseurs love this strain for the burst of energy from smoking a joint.

The THC levels in this strain has an impressive 28% making it a potent smoke that professional chillers love. Mont Blanc is also a favorite of hash makers as it is easy to trim and extract.


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