Blue Mango (ounce)

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Blue Mango

Blue Mango is an indica- dominant hybrid who’s parentage is clouded in mystery. Some claim it’s descended from Blueberry and William’s Wonder, a powerhouse indica. Others say its the product of Mango Kush and the ever-popular Blue Dream. Whatever its lineage is, Blue Mango delivers lasting relaxation and is potent to even the most veteran of cannabis users. Flowers of Blue Mango are medium to large in size and have the long tapered buds more characteristic of sativa varieties. They appear pale green and are offset by rust-coloured hairs. A mouth watering blueberry scent jumps off the cured buds, leaving little doubt that Blueberry is somewhere in Blue Mango’s lineage.

Flavours: Mango, Citrus, Sweet

Medical: Stress, Depression, Pain


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