Berry Pie (Ounce)

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This makes it a versatile strain that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. With bursting decadent flavours of fruity and tart berries and a sugary vanilla cream, this AAAA premium reserve strain is the love child of two classics- Girls Scout Cookies and Blueberry. It was one of the most anticipated creations of the well-known breeder, Cookies x Seed Junkie Genetics. And when it finally hit the market, it didn’t disappoint. Of course, if you’re into savory flavours, this strain might not be for you. But if you have a sweet tooth and are looking for a sativa-dominant hybrid with a high THC content, Berry Pie is definitely worth a try. Featuring a sugary berry aroma with hints of earthy spice, Berry Pie delivers a long-lasting and well-balanced high, perfect for any time of the day. With THC content reaching up to 31%, this potent hybrid is not for beginners. But for those with a tad of cannabis experience, Berry Pie offers a delicious way to enjoy the benefits of THC.

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Berry Pie Strain Introduction

Type: Sativa-Dominant

Effects: Energizing, Uplifting, Calming, Relaxing

The Berry Pie strain has an almost perfect composition of 60% sativa and 40% indica. The result is a delicious berry-flavored weed that energizes and uplifts your mood while calming your nerves and making you feel relaxed. This makes it an ideal strain for social situations or anytime you need a little pick-me-up. And as the fading high comes through, it leaves you with a feeling of general well-being and relaxation. This strain is a child of two legends, Girl Scout Cookies, and Blueberry. As such, it’s no surprise that the berry taste is so strong with this one. No doubt, many cannabis connoisseurs will enjoy this strain for its delectable flavor. And the remaining half? Well, the high will get you on board!


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